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Mission Control

The Astronomers

Home to everything The Astronomers! Including the "To The Moon" Podcast, Unreleased Demos, BTS Content, Vlogs and so much more! NEW CONTENT EVERY WEEK :)

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    It's FREE to join Mission Control and includes:

    • The BRAND New "To The Moon" Podcast! 
    • Participate in Polls/Live Streams/Events on Grouped!
    • Snippets of exclusive content
    • Access to the "Mission Control" community 
  • $5/mo - Pro (Monthly)

    Get everything from the Free tier PLUS:

    • Access to Astronomers Unreleased Songs/Demos/Voice Memos
    • Hear songs before Streaming platforms
    • Exclusive BTS videos, Vlogs, Content
    • Chapter 4 Exclusive Content
  • $50/yr - Annual Discount

    Everything from the pro membership, but save over 15%