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The 1%

JR Mckee

Welcome To The Most Powerful Music Business & Artists Mentorship Group On The Planet.

  • One Percenters

    The One Percenters are a group of highly motivated, highly talented, self educating creatives. They are granted access to the highest level of inside information and industry secrets that propel them to become The Top 1%.

    - Interactive Q&A Live Every Thursday:

    Be the first to learn about industry shifts and changes straight from the top. Be ahead of the curve as I push you forward into the new era weekly with exclusive Information & Mentorship on my Q&A Live every Thursday. 

    - Immediate Access To Exclusive Classes For Artist/Execs/Creatives

    - Private Direct Messages W/ J.R. Mckee + Mentorship Group Chat

    - Connect to like-minded individuals

    BONUS: J.R. Mckee's 10 Artist Commandments Audiobook:

    10 Artist Commandments are the 10 principles every creative person must live by for success. It's the guide to a high earning career in the arts.