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Squires Squad

Michael Squires

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Welcome to Squires Squad, the Heart and Soul of the 50 States Project! This is the best place to get involved! Help make game time decisions by voting, submit artists you think should be a part & get early and exclusive access! Additionally - You get unlimited early access to the Mike Squires & Friends Podcast along side a ton of other BTS goodies and assets! The free (local) tier will always be free, so come on it and let's make something great together!

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  • Local Squad (Free)

    Join The Squires Squad for Free!

    • Early Access to 1 Song a Month
    • Get Involved in 50 States Project 
    • Submit Music & Artists to 50 States Project 
    • Early Access to 50 States Project
    • Vote & Decide
    • Early Access to Full Mike Squires & Friends Podcast Episodes
    • BTS Video, Photo & More
    • Connect with Mike
  • State Squad (Monthly)

    Get everything from the Free tier PLUS:

    • Early Access to 1 Song a WEEK
    • Priority Submissions to 50 States Project
    • Full Early Access to 50 States Project
    • Exclusive Access to 50 States Assets
    • Name Included on a 50 States Thank You Artwork
    • Exclusive Podcast Episodes
    • Full BTS Video, Photo & More
    • Access to Creative Assets
  • Federal Squad (Yearly)

    Save $10 when you choose yearly!