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Caffeine Addicts Only

Jared Benjamin

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Jared Benjamin is an independent artist from Long Island, making caffeine-induced music with a focus on mental health and story-telling. Come join the community to hear unreleased songs, behind-the-scenes footage, rough drafts and more!

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  • New Addict (Free)

    All Caffeine Addicts are welcome, so you can join for FREE and the membership includes:

    • Early listening to any upcoming release
    • Snippets of unreleased and/or soon-to-be released demos
    • Behind-the-scenes footage, bloopers and outtakes
    • First access to merch, tickets, and more! 
  • Hooked Addict ($9/mo)

    If you are a REAL Caffeine Addict (like me), you came to the right place - get everything the New Addict members get PLUS:

    • EXCLUSIVE music including full demos, partially written songs (that you can help me finish ;), live performance and rehearsal footage and more!
    • EXCLUSIVE videos including lyric breakdowns, guitar tutorials, full performances and more!
    • Commenting and chatting to help me pick future releases, narrow down merch ideas, tell me where to play shows and more!
    • Any requests for future content ideas, styles for me to try, stories to write about and anything else you may think of!