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Ice Cold Playa Posse


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I got so much exclusives I want to share with my fellow Ice Cold Playas.. This ain't for the outsiders, so welcome to the Posse 🪢

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  • Jr. Playa

    Jr. Playa's get:

    • Early Access to Merch
    • Early Access to Events
    • Snippets of Exclusive Music & Content
    • 1 Entry Into Community Giveaways
  • Playa

    Playa's get everything Jr. Playa's get PLUS:

    • Unreleased Songs & Exclusive demos
    • Behind the Scenes Videos
    • 2 Additional Giveaway Entries (3 total entries per giveaway)
    • Weekly Song Breakdowns
    • Studio Live Streams
    • Merch Discount Codes
    • & more...