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The Weirdo Company

Devvon Terrell

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This group is solely for the supporters of Devvon Terrell The Living Weirdo. Helping to bring back the energy of true music independence. This group will be showered with weekly early releases and exclusive content, never before seen videos and songs. Including music and demos Devvon never wants anyone to hear.

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  • Intern Member (FREE)

    You can join the weirdo company for free. Doing so you get early access to content, music snippets, perks and giveaways.

    • Exclusive snippets of music weekly before everyone else
    • Early access to merch
    • Early snippets of content before anyone else
    • Access to Weirdo company chat
    • 1 entry into all company giveaways
  • Full Time Member ($9/mo)

    Becoming a full time member gives you full influence and access to my career. Unlocking a ton of content that no one else will ever see. Full time members will hear a new song every single week. Whether its rough or finished.

    Full Time Membership Includes:

    • Everything from free tier plus:
    • 1 New Song every week (Rough or Early Exclusive)
    • 2 Additional entries into company giveaway
    • Exclusive BTS content Weekly (Nostalgia and Current)
    • Early access to YouTube Content
    • Full song versions of remixes
    • Full access to all content, chats, and discussions