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there's one thing I love most and that's good times with friends and family. getting together to celebrate life, love, and amazing memories. and that's exactly what Club Emotion is about. i think we're all searching for something to be a part of. something that makes us feel like we belong. whether you like to have a good time, want to share your feelings, or just share a love of music, you BELONG here. you get access to unreleased Hazel Bloom music, giveaways, deep dive behind every song, bts content, vlogs, Club Emotion member chat, and more...

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    • a FREE CD of my album 'Who I Thought I Wanted To Be"
    • 1 entry into every community giveaway
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    • Deep dive behind every song i've released with bts content
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    • Access to the private Club Emotion chat
    • Demos and writing process of all new songs in process
    • Covers of songs that have influenced my life

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