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Yo! What’s up fam…welcome. Light one, pour some’n and get cozy. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect as a supporter: This is your Vivid Reign Membership access pass with me, ya boy Airic! If you’re new here, I’m a recording artist/producer and founder of Vivid Reign, I’m also an audio engineer for other collaborators under my multimedia company, Mazadi Vision. My goal has always been the same vision, using music to change the world…as ‘cheesy’ as that sounds, I mean that. Vivid Reign™ is a philanthropic independent music label. Our motto is: ‘Music molds culture, culture runs the world’ – we aim to utilize the influential impact of music to inspire cultural trends that address the world’s problems from a Postmillennial lens, #StayVivid! – Join to watch live music performing released and unreleased songs, get exclusive content with perks, and connect with a Godly community.

  • VR Members

    Monthly Perks:

    • Member Essentials:
    • Early access to HiFi music downloads (MP3/WAV + Instrumentals)
    • Get a reusable 10% discount code on all VR branded merch (music, apparel, accessories, etc.)
    • Access gated content (ie. covering controversial topics not-safe-for-YouTube, unreleased songs, exclusive merch + more)
    • Participate in members-only events
    • Reserve early access to buy a signed copy of my latest EP or album before the public launch, includes physical+NFT version. (Limited to 1,000 copies!)
    • Extra perks for music artists: 
    • Enjoy a 50% discount on Mixing & Mastering services by (limited bookings per month)
    • Get access to 24/7 Music Biz consultations (AMA style) via text or email

    Must be an active member to redeem.

    After signing up, text “VRFAM” to +1-305-705-5533 to add yourself to my phonebook for news alerts and to be added to the merch store discount whitelist!